Information About White Truffles

  • Latin name: Tuber Magnatum Pico
  • Other names: Tartufo Bianco Pregiato, White Winter Truffle, Alba Truffle
  • Season: From early to mid October through to late December.

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White Truffles are typically shipped according to Grade. Our dinner party truffles are generally around 10 – 20 grams per piece, although larger examples are used to fill orders of larger quantities (orders more than 75 grams). We can ship specimen White Truffles (individually more than 100 grams) on request subject to availability.

External Appearance

The exterior of White Truffles varies from cream to mustard yellow colour. White Truffles should be firm to the touch, not too hard, but certainly not soft or spongy.

Internal Appearance

When cut in half, White Truffles should demonstrate a clear white marbling on a cream or fawn coloured background.

Aroma and Taste

White Truffles have a powerful, complex, faintly garlicky aroma and an intense flavour.

When past their best; White Truffles will start to go soft and spongy after about a week and the aroma and flavour will start to quickly deteriorate.


White Truffles have a very short shelf life, and must be consumed within 1 week of being hunted. White Truffles typically lose up to around 5% of their body weight every day.