Seared Scallops with Truffled Cauliflower and Chorizo Crumb

For your Christmas entertaining this year why not impress your guests not only with seared scallops but a marvellous truffle cauliflower and chorizo crumb. Get ready for your Michelin Star!

Preparation: 30 minutes  /  Cooking: 15 minutes

    • Ingredients

        • 12 live scallops (2 – 3 per person, depending on size)
        • 1 tbs clarified butter
        • 12 Black Truffle Slices
        • Cauliflower Puree
        • 1oz butter
        • 9oz cauliflower, roughly chopped
        • 1/2 cup whole milk
        • Maldon sea salt
        • 2 tbs White Truffle Oil
        • Chorizo Crumb
        • 1oz butter
        • 2oz cooking chorizo
        • 2oz  sourdough bread crumbs
        • 1 tbs lemon zest
        • Pinch Sea salt
        • 2 Anchovy fillets


Step 1:  Begin by preparing the scallops. Once opened, remove the muscle and discard the roe if you wish. Clean under running water, pat dry and keep cool in the refrigerator.

Step 2:  For the crumb, remove the chorizo from its outer skin and blitz in a blender. Add the breadcrumbs, anchovies and lemon zest, pulsing to combine. Melt the butter in a frying pan and toss the mixture until coated. Fry over a moderate heat until it starts to crisp but not brown. Drain onto kitchen paper and set aside.

Step 3:  For the cauliflower puree, melt the butter in a pan and once foaming, add the cauliflower and coat in butter. Add the milk and salt, cooking on a moderate heat until tender. In a blender, together with the milk blend to a smooth puree. Add 2 tablespoons of White Truffle Oil. Set aside in a saucepan and keep warm.

Step 4:  Over a high heat, add the clarified butter to a heavy cast iron skillet or frying pan. Season the scallops on both sides and add to the pan once smoking. Sear the scallops for approximately 1 ½ minutes per side.

Step 5:   To serve spoon the cauliflower puree onto the middle of the plate, top with scallops and slices of black truffle, scattering with chorizo crumb. Garnish with watercress or micro greens.

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