Information About Black Autumn Truffles

  • Latin name: Tuber Uncinatum
  • Other names: Burgundy or Bourgogne Truffle, English Truffle
  • Season: From early October through to mid to late December

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Typically we ship Black Truffles at around 20-30 grams per piece, although larger examples are used to fill orders of large quantities (more than 100 grams).

External Appearance of Black Truffles

The exterior of Black Truffles ranges from a light to dark brown colour. The outside always demonstrates clearly defined large wart-like bumps in a polygon form.

Black Autumn Truffles should be very hard to the touch with no suggestion of softness.

Internal Appearance of Black Truffles

When sliced in half, Black Truffles should demonstrate a clear white marbling on a pale cream to light brown background.

Aroma and Taste of Black Truffles

When fully mature, Black Autumn Truffles have a rich flavour and aroma, with hints of earthiness, hazelnuts, chocolate, and vanilla.

When past their best; these Truffles tend to turn soft and spongy after around 2 weeks.


Black Truffles have a longer shelf life, and can keep well for around 2 weeks after being hunted. Black Truffles typically lose around 1 or 2 % of their body weight every day.

Other Notes

Black Truffles should not be confused with the more pungent and rarer Black Winter Truffle (T. Melanosporum). It is considerably more common (and therefore less expensive), and is often found in preserved truffle products.