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Bacon Sandwich, Gruyere cheese and Black Truffle Ketchup.

Bacon Sandwich, Gruyere cheese and Black Truffle Ketchup.

There is a lot of debate about how to make the best bacon sandwich. At TruffleHunter HQ we insist it must have Black Truffle Ketchup!

The bread must be white, chewy and a little sour, the bacon must be thickly cut and smoked, the cheese must be sweet and nutty and most importantly the tomato ketchup must be loaded with black summer truffles!

Here is our run through of our TruffleHunter’s, Bacon Sandwich, Gruyere cheese and Black Truffle Ketchup recipe!

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White sourdough loaf

3 rashers of smoked back bacon

Gruyere cheese


TruffleHunter’s Black Truffle Ketchup


1/ Cut your sourdough bread into slices. We prefer a thickness of around 1cm, the trick is not to cut it too thin, or thick.

2/ We prefer to grill our back bacon until the fat crisps and renders and the bacon starts to curl. Be careful, you want crispy fat but you don’t want to dry the bacon out too much. To achieve this preheat the grill on the highest setting possible before putting your bacon under it.

3/ Slice the Gruyere cheese and butter your bread in anticipation of it meeting the hot, crispy bacon.

4/ Smother one side of the bread with TruffleHunter’s Black Truffle Ketchup.

5/ On the other side of the bread, layer the bacon first so the butter starts to slightly melt under the heat of the crispy bacon. We like to ‘top and tail’ our bacon, so that each slice has a bite of the crispy top end of bacon rasher and the meaty bottom end.

6/ Layer the cheese on top, close the sandwich, slice down the middle. Enjoy at breakfast, lunch and dinner!

We’d love to know what you think of this – especially if you tried it for yourself – do please let us know.

Also if you have any recipe ideas using our products do tell us. We’d be delighted to hear from you.